Mea Melone & Barbara Bieber

Challenge us and show your sexual skills...!

We thought it would be a good idea to show that some men (or should we say boys?) are incapable of having sex on camera! Challenge is probably the best description of what this is about.
Any one of you, amateur or porn performer, trying to show the best of your abilities, to see if you're able to perform in front of us, with us, and inside of us...!
You all have 25 mins not one second more, to put on your best performance, and show us all your sexual ways. In any case, we are not here to make it easier or even to help you out.
Challenge is open for anyone who "has balls". Let's watch our scenes!

Mea Melone Challenge
Mea Melone
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Confused cyclist

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Confused cyclist - snapshot

Mea Melone Confused cyclist

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  • Confused cyclist
  • Confused cyclist
  • Confused cyclist
  • Confused cyclist
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Porn Performer
Confused cyclist Confused cyclist
sexual orientation
self rating
 I have no stamina at all
camera issues
 19 years
sexual intercourses
industry experience
 1 month
Czech Republic

why challenge?
I wanted to try this woman

how you'll be successful?
I am afraid it will be total fail

A long-haired, young mafia with a typical summer tan for bikers arrived for the thumbs down. He was a little nervous, and answering simple questions made him a problem. But what surprised us was that he said he liked cund but he had been fucking his boy for five years. Maybe the guy is confused and does not know what he wants. But he was even more surprised when his dick was tough and he got fucked up. There was little experience to know and so he did not stand the challenge to the end.

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